To practice your HTML and CSS skills, we are expecting you to individually develop a series of elements using HTML and CSS. This project is meant to act as practice for your final project as well as an opportunity to get clarification on where your HTML/CSS skills may require some attention.

All code must be completed individually. Any plagiarism will result in a grade of zero.


Before your lab time on Mar 13/14.


10% of your final grade.


For this project you will be given two weeks to complete it. We will not be checking for weekly deliverables so it is up to you to bring your work in and seek feedback as you may require.

While completing this project, we also ask that you keep track of resources you draw on. You are welcome to learn and improve your completion of this project using resources from the class or online, but you must cite which resources you used as comments in the code.

Any plagiarized code will result in an immediate grade of zero. So please ensure that code is cited appropriately.

Starting Feb 27/28

  1. Build the following items using valid and semantic HTML5 in a single .html page:Please follow these rules while assembling the page:We recommend making use of HTML5 Doctor to help you determine which elements are most sensible to use.
  2. Using valid CSS3, style the items to clearly demonstrate the following:Ensure that each of the items being styled show design consideration just as you would with any other designed document. A portion of your grade is on the effectiveness of the hierarchy, demonstration of interactivity, and clarifying relationships within the elements being built. Make use of the Mozilla Developer Network's CSS Reference to help you look up different properties that you may want to change.
  3. In both your CSS and HTML insert comments indicating what resource(s) you used to help you complete the project, including what they helped you with. Some examples:

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before your Mar 13/14 lab and make sure to double-check all your submitted files to ensure they can be opened. Final submission is 1 ZIP file, which includes all necessary folders, HTML and CSS files for the pages to work as specified in the instructions.

Grading Rubric

project will be graded on the following criteria: