P02: Wires


Given a pre-built package of information which includes all the information you are required to include in your wireframes, you will now be developing a series of wireframes to define a website to help citizens navigate through Information for Voters in addition to one of the following:

Your job in this project is to think about how to lay out the information for both mobile and desktop scales as well as how to architect the given information to help citizens effectively navigate and understand it.

This project is to be completed in groups of 3.


Before your lab time on Oct 19/20.


20% of your final grade.


There are a number of weeks in which to complete this project, so please make sure to read the instructions below carefully and note what are individual and group deliverables.

Starting Sept 28/29

  1. As a group build out one sitemap illustrating the entirety of your vision for the site. Remember that this structure should incorporate the content available from the City and should provide us with a clear understanding of:
  2. As a group, fill out the P02 Contract available on Canvas.
  3. Individually, create hand-rendered wireframes illustrating the hierarchy of each of the sections on your sitemap. There will be some areas that are common between all your pages — such as a header — but there will be some areas that change. The wireframes should:
Due in your Oct 5/6 lab:

Starting Oct 5/6

  1. Individually generate a set of Axure wireframes illustrating how the different screens may flow from one to another on a desktop resolution (1680px wide) and on a phone resolution (320px wide). Use the "Adaptive Views" mode in Axure to switch between display sizes. It is required that these wireframes:
Due in your Oct 12/13 lab:

1 set of wireframes, presented digitally (per individual)

Starting Oct 12/13

  1. As a group create 1 finalized sitemap (PDF) based on the feedback you have received.
  2. As a group create 1 set of interactive wireframes generated to HTML and then submitted in a ZIP file. One set must be for a desktop resolution (1680px wide), while the otehr set must be for a phone resolution (320px wide). Use the "Adaptive Views" mode in Axure to switch between display sizes. Make note of the following rules to avoid grade deductions:

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before your Oct 19/20 lab and make sure to double-check all your submitted files to ensure they can be opened. Final submission is 1 PDF document, which includes:

Grading Rubric

Your project will be graded on the following criteria, a more detailed rubric is available on the course pages.

  1. Process (3pts)
  2. Followed the Rules (3pts)
  3. Information Architecture (6pts)
  4. Design (6pts)
  5. Consistency (6pts)