Course Schedule

Please note that this schedule may change, though any changes will be announced in lecture.

Date (Wk)Reading(s)In lectureIn LabDue
Jan 9/10 (Wk01)

Selections from Thoughts on Designing Information (Gobert & Van Looveren, 2014)

What is Information?Introduction to P01: Information Design
Jan 16/17 (Wk02)

Selections from Infographic Designer's Sketchbook (Heller & Landers, 2014)

Information DesignCritiques
Jan 23/24 (Wk03)

Pages 3-50 from A Practical Guide to Information Architecture (Spencer, 2010)

Architecting ItCritiques
Jan 30/31 (Wk04)

"Wireframes" (Chapter 7) from Communicating Design (Brown, 2010)

Bare BonesIntroduction to P02: Wires
Axure Tutorial
P01: Information Design
Feb 6/7 (Wk05)

"The Dao of Web Design" (Allsopp, 2000)

Selections from Type on Screen (Lupton, 2014)

Teh WebzCritiques
Feb 20/21 (Wk06)

Selections from HTML5 for Web Designers (Keith, 2011)

Interwebs AnnotationHTML Tutorial
Feb 27/28 (Wk07)

"Using CSS3 Today" (Chpt 1) from CSS3 for Web Designers (Cederholm, 2nd Ed. 2014)

how u rd thgsIntroduction to P03: HTML/CSS
CSS Basics Tutorial
P02: Wires
Mar 6/7 (Wk08)

"Starting Small" (Chpt 1) & "Designing the Infinite Grid" (Chpt 5) from Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles (Marcotte, 2015)

Responsive UsefulnessIntroduction to P04: Web
CSS Flexbox Tutorial
Mar 13/14 (Wk09)

To be announced.

Building Better TubesCSS Advanced TutorialP03: HTML/CSS
Mar 20/21 (Wk10)

No required readings.

Help! I've Fallen! (Tech support)Tech support week
Mar 27/28 (Wk11)

No required readings.

The Coding QuizCritiques
Apr 3/4 (Wk12)

No required readings.

To UX and BeyondCritiques
Apr 10/11 (Wk13)

No required readings.

Final PresentationsFinal PresentationsP04: Web